We are currently in production for ‘May You Go Laughing’: a feature length documentary for cinema.

Forty years ago a British socialite exchanged her riches for rags and found sanctuary living in a wooden shack amongst villagers on a wild Turkish beach. There she had an encounter with an ancient creature that was to transform the fate of those around her – for the beach was a nesting ground for endangered Loggerhead Turtles. When she discovered this haven was destined for development ‘Kaptan’ June led a rebellion against the scheme and the beautiful Dalyan Delta was made a nature reserve, protected from corporate exploitation. The village flourished as European travellers made the pilgrimage to see the turtles. Charmed by the magical landscapes and a communal way of life based on hospitality, sharing and harmony with Nature, many returned year after year and tiny Dalyan – a hamlet of 240 souls – became a cosmopolitan Arcadia welcoming 100,000 people every year. Now strife between ‘the west’ and the Islamic world has reached Dalyan’s shores. The tourists have been frightened away, the people of Dalyan must reinvent their lives once more, and the turtles, too, face new threats. Featuring Kaptan June and the friends and relatives of one extended family, May You Go Laughing uses the intimate dramas of this troubled Paradise to spin a universal fable for our times: a tale of local and global, old and new; a celebration of human diversity and comradeship; a chronicle of a people in crisis and their relationship to their wild, beautiful and endangered world.